Selasa, 25 November 2008

Badges For Buddy

Kemaren bikin badge buat teman maya ku. Aku buatkan dua. Satu buat anaknya yang lucu, satunya buat emaknya yang suka baking. Hi hi hi, semoga suka ya...

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Buat Mira

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Buat Rifa

Semua di sketch dan di tinta diatas kertas, di warnai secara digital.

Kamis, 20 November 2008

( Sketch ) Smile in Her Dreams


Another today's sketch... I'll post the final work later.

( Sketch ) Wondering...


Draw today, feel a little bit lazy to finished it...

Rabu, 19 November 2008

Norah In Monochrome

Norah in Monochrome

Draw today. Norah's serious expression...

Me in Manga Work

How I ussually described my self ? Tall, thin, and curved. Curved ?

Yo'i. Maksudnya melengkung gitu. Wakakaka.... Hubby ku suka bilang aku ini ku-ti-lang da-rat. Ku-rus Ti-nggi Lang-sing Da-** Ra-ta. Kadang kadang doi juga suka bilang aku 'mentiung' ( baca: melengkung ; jawa ). Waktu masih SD suka dipanggil jangkung.

Jadi beginilah aku biasanya menggambarkan diriku.

MeRata Tengah


Kaki panjang, tubuh panjang, tapi gak tangan panjang ya.... he he

All pictures were worked originally on paper. Sketched, tinted and colored manually. Final retouch with digital software.

May Irianti - Studio Khayalan. Copyright 2008.

Selasa, 18 November 2008

Drolling Spouse

I draw this picture about 7 years ago at the first time I made a relationship with my ex-boyfriend. We were in luv that time, and still until today. We have married for five years and counting. Hope we will together until the rest of our life. Luve you hun...

My Hubby n' Me in Manga Work

For some reason he wouldn't tell, he always feels unconfident to poses in front of camera. So I draw such a picture to replaced a photographs instead. 

Sketched and tinted on paper, finished with digital retouched.

Looking Back in Time

I started drawing since I was in5th grade in elementary school (age 10 years) and still drawing until the end of my high school. After this period, I was busy with my life and others, and I began to leave this hobby. Not stopped at all, only reduced the frequency.

Now, almost 8 years have passed since I graduated from high school and I feel longing to return to scratch ink over the paper. Although only unimportant scratches. But my hands are stuck to complete a whole picture ( with coloring ) . 

Back in to the old memories. This are some drawings I draw in the past. Some of them were not finished, so back in time, I finished them with a little touch of digital coloring. Wanna see some retouched ?


This drawing were originally worked on paper. Sketched and tinted manually and colored with colouring pencils and watermarkers ( I were only able to used those stuff that time ).  And then I did some retouched with brush tools in Photostudio. Layered all colors so its look soften and put a textured background. Yeah, I feel she is alive again...

Same thing I did on these drawings...

My Hubby In Manga Work

Do you wanna know who who were them I draw ? You don't wanna know I guessed... ha ha but let me tell you who. That's me on the first picture and my hubby in the second one.

Oops, I think I forgot to put some signature on this pictures. Hope nobody will use them for any purpose...